Candidate FAQ

Candidate FAQ

Below we have provided a number of helpful frequently asked questions and answers regarding our driving jobs and training services for candidates.


What type of driving jobs can Workforce offer?

We offer short term, temporary roles, and also longer term temporary to permanent opportunities across central England.


When I visit an Workforce branch for the first time what should I bring?

Firstly, you will need to bring the correct documentation to show that you have a right to work in the UK. This can be either a passport or birth certificate which should be accompanied by documents from the tax office.

If you are from a country within the European Union (EU) we will require a copy of your passport. If you are from outside the EU, then we will need your passport and a working visa.

You will also need to bring with you your licences and cards that match your capability to drive the category of vehicle you are applying for; i.e. for car and van driving positions simply bring your driving licence – anything 7.5 tonne or over you will also need to bring your digital tachograph card and driver CPC card.

All our driving registrations are subject to a check with the DVLA. To speed up the registration process on the day it would be helpful if you could click the link below so that you have your reference code to hand on the day (N.B. the codes are only valid for 21 days so don’t plan too far ahead)

Your documentation is vital and without it we cannot place you into work – either for a temporary or a permanent role.


How many jobs do you offer?

We receive around 200 jobs each week across our branches. There’s a wide variety on offer and for a range of different skill sets.


What are my employment prospects?

At this moment in time there is a national shortage of Drivers generally, in particular those driving 7.5 tonne vehicles and above. The extensive client base that Workforce works with continually provides opportunities for all manner of driving work, and if it doesn’t at any given time, one of our consultants will chase placements for you. In summary – the odds of getting you placed are high.


How old do I have to be to do driving work?

Age restrictions on vehicles for the purposes of insurance are often on a case by case basis – there is no hard and fast rule and so certainly nobody should be dissuaded from applying for any of our roles as, if you are a little too young for one company, that is not to say that there will not be alternatives available. Our Consultants will be able to advise you when they are speaking to you about the placement.


Will points on my licence go against me?

For any professional driver, or people aspiring to be professional drivers, it is vitally important to keep your licence as clean as possible. The number of penalty points a company can accept for insurance purposes is on a case by case basis; some companies will only accept a clean licence, some can accept up to six penalty points (in rare instances it has been known for companies to accept nine). The licence check that is carried out during registration will provide the consultant with all they need to better advise you of your options.


I’m not feeling well enough to work. What should I do?

If you are unwell, please call your Workforce branch and team leader prior to your shift start time. The more notice you can give, the better, so call as soon as you can.


When do I get paid?

On a temporary assignment, you are paid weekly in arrears. Expect to receive your pay on a Friday for the hours you worked the previous week.


When do I get my payslip?

Payslips are sent to your personal email address weekly. You’ll receive the email on a Wednesday ready for payment on a Friday.


How do I book holiday?

Please complete a holiday form and have it signed by your team leader. Once it’s been signed, send it to Workforce to be processed. Please give at least one week’s notice for one day of holiday.


What is my PAYE number?

This can be found in the FAQs section of the Workforce Worker Hub app once you are logged in using your personal email address.