HGV Class 2 PAYE Days H

£15.76 per hour
Varies Hours

Job Description

Our BU is 49800036 for Baxter Northampton.

In terms of the work, I have detailed the key points below.

• Hospital and home patient deliveries
• Hospitals
o1-5 drops (approx. but can vary upward slightly)
oPallet deliveries into hospitals
oDelivering to a single store through to ward level deliveries
• Patients
oUp to 12 drops per day
oDelivering a pallet of stock to a patient's home
oIncludes decanting the pallet and moving the stock into the property - location of patient's choice i.e. downstairs living room, top floor rear bedroom, shed, converted loft etc - there is no limit to where the patient wants the stock (providing safe)
oWe need to be mindful that patient's homes vary from a nice house with a lovely drive through to a block of flats etc..
• Overall
oWe are a pharma delivery service - focus and attention to deliveries is essential, we do not miss deliver as this could be life impacting should patients consume the wrong stock - its prescribed medicine..